Live life kill Obesity

Live life kill Obesity

Obesity has become a serious problem of the 21st century. Now-days nobody cycles all the way to work. Sophisticated gadgets are there to take care of the domestic needs. A sedentary lifestyle as well as increasing purchasing power has meant that people are eating more. This excess food however, does not get used up due to the sedentary lifestyle. The body stores this excess food in the form of fat which goes on accumulating leading to excess weight.

What is the solution for people who are already obese? The first step would be to lead a more active lifestyle. Start by taking morning and evening walks. Do not rest after afternoon meals. The second step would be to reduce the intake of fatty foods such as deep fried foods, sweets, etc. The third step would be to reduce the intake of food altogether. All these steps are also equally applicable for moderately overweight people.

Diet pills such as phentermine,adipex , didrex which are readily available help to reduce the craving for food. Consequently, a person starts eating less. However, one should not get unnecessarily get dependent on such prescription diet pills and use them for short duration. Sometimes prescription diet pills also come with mild side effects such as headache, nausea, etc.

Diet pills do not provide one stop solution to obesity .The solution lies in leading an active, disciplined life. Increasing physical exercises, eating healthy food and saying no to carbonated drinks and junk food are some of the measures that should be adopted on a long term basis. Just like you cannot become obese in a day, similarly to get back to shape may also take a long time. The trick is not to loose heart and revert back to one’s earlier lifestyle after a few weeks or months. Diet pills or no diet pills, it is ultimately you who will have to use your will power to loose all that excess flab.

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